Rachel Novek is a freelance artist living in Austin Texas. Having grown up in the cold winters of Northern Minnesota on Lake Superior she appreciates the sunshine, cacti, urban bats and all the amazing things Austin has to give. Also, tacos. Always tacos. 

Rachel enjoys painting in oil, watercolor and gouache. Playing with paint is her best place. The inspiration for her paintings come from the experience of having a chronic illness known as Hemiplegic Migraine with aura. It has all the typical aspects of migraine, but with stroke like one sided numbness or paralysis. Rachel draws on the visual aspects of migraine with aura. The aura of migraine being defined as a visual disturbance that precedes the classic pain you may be familiar with. The migraine aura obstructs her vision with blurry patterns that crackle and grow over what she sees, like a translucent lace. 

Rachel’s paintings are about turning this obstruction and pain into something tangible and real. Giving color and form to the haze and patterns. Some aspects are exaggerated, while most are not. The goal always being to create beauty from and through the pain. 

Rachel Novek is always looking for new projects and opportunities. Collaborations and commissions are welcome. Please visit the contact page for social media updates. Thank you for visiting.